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Port Williams Beach Is a Hidden Gem

Port Williams is a great beach for families, lovers, birdwatchers, dog lovers and kayakers. Usually, overlooked, it is seldom busy except for the birds. Be sure to keep an eye out for an elk herd along the way.

Port Williams official name is Marlyn Nelson County Park at Port Williams. This 1-acre gem was deeded to the Clallam County Parks in 1976. The state owns tidelands to the north that link with 1,000 feet of County tidelands ending at the privately-owned Graysmarsh Farm property.

Bird Watching - Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway

Along the Northwest Coast of the Olympic Peninsula, bird watchers will find a medley of unique and interesting birds. Nesting and playing along the shores are many local and migratory species of birds, such as oystercatchers, phalaropes, marbled murrelets, and several unique species of gulls. 

A healthy population of bald eagles reside beside the coastal estuaries along Highway 112. The coves and inlets along the shoreline also provide essential habitat for shorebirds and roosting gulls.


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47° 45' 3.8664" N, 120° 44' 24.5004" W
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Clallam Bay & Slip Point Beach Park

Clallam Bay Spit and Community Beach County Park is a 33 acre park jointley managed with Washington State Parks.  The Park is located where the nutrient-rich water of the Clallam River empties into the Strait of Juan de Fuca, providing a constant food source for shore and marine birds.  Eagles and osprey can be seen feeding on the beach; viewing marine mammals is an added bonus.  The dynamic hydrology interaction taking place between the Clallam River and the tides provide an opportunity to witness drastic changes to the landscape each time you visit.


Clallam BayClallam Bay, WA, 98326
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48° 15' 21.5928" N, 124° 15' 47.1456" W
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Olympic National Park

The majesty of the Olympic Mountains, the fairy-tale quality of the rain forests and the pristine wilderness coastline are great reasons to visit Olympic National Park. This World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve encompasses nearly one million acres and also includes glacier-carved lakes, waterfalls, over 600 miles of hiking trails, dozens of campgrounds and scenic vistas. Highlights of the Park include Hurricane Ridge, the Hoh Rain Forest and 60 miles of unspoiled coastline.


Olympic National Park Visitor Information Center
600 E. Park Ave.
Port Angeles, WA, 98362
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48° 6' 6.0048" N, 123° 25' 59.6748" W
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