Build a Scamp Pocket Cruiser with John Welsford and Howard Rice

New Zealand designer John Welsford and famed Cape Horn solo kayak adventurer Howard Rice have teamed up with the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding to offer this unique class in building the SCAMP Pocket cruiser from Aug 6th - Aug 17th 2012 at the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend WA.

You may build your own boat during the class from a kit you'll purchase beforehand from the magazine Small Craft Advisor, or work with other builders on their boats. Evenings will bring opportunities to sail already-completed SCAMPs with Howard Rice, the famed adventurer who was the first to solo Cape Horn in a kayak.

At the end of the two week course, you'll have a completed hull and will be half-way to finishing this superb pocket cruiser. We've worked out special pricing for the kits, boat trailer and sails - this will be a wonderful class!

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