"The Roots of Wisdom, The Flowering of Knowledge" with Michael Meade

Mosaic presents an evening presentation with Michael Meade in which he will discuss the roots of wisdom through stories from many traditional cultures.

There are many wisdom traditions, but each depends upon a “living wisdom” that can connect current dilemmas with eternal truths. For, wisdom seeks to transcend history in order to reveal the hidden unity and surprising resiliency of life.

Wisdom begins with radical self-knowledge before it becomes wise enough to be helpful to others. Thus, young people used to enter rites of passage that could create moments of self-revelation. Later in life, an initiation of the elders would confirm the “darker knowledge” gained from combining experience with insight and understanding with compassion.

Join us for an evening of stories and poems that consider the roots of wisdom as found in many traditions as we seek to learn how wisdom tried to return despite and because of the current troubles found in both nature and culture.

Proceeds support work with at risk youth and intercultural projects.

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Mosaic Multicultural Foundation
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Quimper Unitarian Church
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Quimper Unitarian Church
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United States
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