Haunted Museums and Historical Sites

" Now you can turn your visit to the local museum or public historical site into a mini paranormal investigation while learning about its history. Remember, ghost never sleep! Research indicates that spirits are usually attached to a place where they lived or died, like their home. They also seem to attach themselves to something they were very close to like their tools, a musical instrument or a child’s toy such as a doll or rocking horse. So don’t waste your time stumbling around a cemetery in the middle of the night ghost hunting. Go to a museum instead where they still reside and you may get the surprise of your life. Remember to bring along something to record audio and video with and take lots of pictures. Many cell phones work great for this purpose. Once you get back home, review your evidence to see what you may have captured. You may be amazed at what you recorded on your trip to the Olympic Peninsula.


In historic Port Townsend, start at the Jefferson County Historical Society Museum where voices from nowhere were recorded, flashes a light appeared and EMF (K-II) meters detected high levels of Electro-Magnetic Energy in the area.  If you plan to spend the night in Port Townsend, and don’t mind sharing your room with someone unseen, then check in at the beautiful Victorian Palace Hotel located downtown on Water Street. The Grey Team obtained evidence validating the many stories of ghostly activities including the “Lady in Blue”.  Another remarkable location is the historic Point Wilson Lighthouse located at Fort Worden State Park. Here the Grey Team obtained evidence of ghost on the second and third floor bedrooms.

In Port Angeles, visit the Museum at the Carnegie where history of paranormal activity is as old as the museum itself.  Also, take a tour of  the Port Angeles Underground with Don Perry’s Heritage Tour.  On this paranormal investigation the Grey Team located two areas with lots of activity. One was in the Boxers Room and the other was in the Boiler Room.   Visit the restored upstairs area of the historic Family Shoe Store located in the oldest building in downtown Port Angeles. The Grey Team determined that some of the “working girls” and “bosses” of the previous brothel never left.


How about dining out with a ghost at your table? Well, possible at  Michael’s Seafood and Steakhouse Restaurant, located in downtown Port Angeles. During a PIHA investigation of this business, footsteps were recorded along with voices and even an appearance of the “Black Shadow” figure heading up the stairs.


These are some of the haunted locations on the Olympic Peninsula to visit. 


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