Top 5 Adventures on the Olympic Peninsula

1. South Coast Wilderness Trail Hike

Baby seals sleeping on the rocks surrounding sea stacks, primordial moss-draped rain forest trails, ocean beach hikes skirting tides, the adventures in this hike will fulfill your dreams! The deep silence of the ancient trees at the beginning of the hike will transport you to Jurassic times, and then to emerge from the lush stillness on top of the cliff over the wild emptiness of the roaring Pacific Ocean is quite like finding the “center of the earth” in the Jules Verne’s adventure. Ladders down to the beach will begin the next episode in your own adventure novel in this moderate-to-difficult 17-mile quest for renewal.

2. Hoh Glacier Meadows Hike

Experience high meadows of wild flowers in bloom where the fairies must live, hike through the “Hall of Mosses”, view the water lilies in bloom at Elk Lake, the perfect resting place for frog princes. This adventure takes you 38 miles RT through the world-famous Hoh Rain Forest, highest rainfall in the lower 48 states, to Glacier Meadows, and up to the sighing of the Blue Glacier, which will imprint your memory with the unbelievable size and fierceness of nature! 






 3. Hoh River Fishing Adventure


Plunging from the glacial heights of the Olympic Mountains down nearly vertical valleys of Rain Forest greenery flows the Olympic Peninsula’s famed Hoh River.  Your liquid adventure can trace the footsteps of the likes of Zane Gray and other icons of the fly fishing world that have come to this place in search of the mighty, tackle frying, Salmon and Steelhead trout that run up this brawling glacial fed river every year.  This year it’s time for you to write your own chapter in the fast running waters of the Hoh River. 

4. Lake Constance Trail

Man-up for the steep, rugged, amazingly beautiful hike to Lake Constance (Elev. 4,678 feet), the steepest trail in the Olympic National Park. Trek 3,400 feet of elevation gain in two miles! See mountain goats, marmots, and the occasional hard-core hiker on this test-of-your-abilities hike. Bivouac where climbers stage while preparing for their climb of Mount Constance, at 7,743 feet, the third highest peak in the Park. Come prepared for the physical effort this hike takes.

5. Marmot Pass Hike, Trail #833.1

Build your stamina for the 3,500 foot gain up to Marmot Pass between Iron and Buckhorn Mountains. Breath the pristinely clean air at the top as your gaze swings over Hood Canal, the Cascade Mountains, Dungeness Valley, and around to Mt. Olympus and the Heart of the Olympics. Trek along rhododendron-lined trails through old growth timber, wildflower meadows studded with occasional giant toadstools, past waterfalls flowing over moss-covered rocks. Quilcene is the staging area for this hike.